Who is a mystic?

Mysticism is not a faith or belief or principle or dogma. It is not an idea or a code of behavior. It is not a concept that we can point out or define. This makes it difficult to talk about. So we will look at some of the things that a mystic does. A mystic looks at reasons differently from many people. For the mystic is not satisfied with the first reason that comes to mind, or the first reason that people talk about. The mystic sees that the first reason is only a cover over another reason which is hidden behind it. So the mystic has patience, waiting until he or she has lifted the veil over the first reason, until one sees the reason behind it. And then looks carefully to see the reason behind this reason, and the still greater reason behind that one. For reason is itself nothing but a veil to cover reality.
If we think about an average person, we find that most people will argue, dispute, quarrel, and debate over the first reason, forming an opinion and attacking anyone who disagrees. For the mystic the path of life is not a path of having beliefs, even the “right” beliefs. It is a path of unlearning: unlearning the preconceived concepts and opinions (that many call the “self”) that veil the depth of existence. Patiently and persistently the mystic is interested in seeing that which is deeper, understanding that which is not known yet. While we are following the flood of data that is always bombarding us, another email, or Facebook post, or listening to the “news” which must always be something new, we skim over the surface of existence. We forget that there is depth. Until, sometimes, a moment of beauty takes our breath away, and we pause. Until a deep pain or loss breaks the mind open. And the heart is awakened to the depth of life. Which some people call God.


Who is a mystic? — 3 Comments

  1. “Skim over the face of existence.” And then wonder why I’m unsatisfied, I think. Love you Rani and you wonderful messages pointing us to a deeper path, always. I cling to your messages. I will reread these in celebration of the New Year with hopefulness. With much gratitude, Sitara

  2. “…we skim over the surface of existence.” Thank you for your gift to direct my mind and heart to this process. Bring my thoughts to the appreciation that there is depth, that I can pause and embrace and love with gratitude.

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