Deepening our Attunement to the Message

I have just returned from the International Headquarters meetings and the Summer School in Katwijk, Netherlands, where Sufis from many countries gather, to work together in the spreading of the Sufi Message throughout the world. It was a dynamic and difficult time, as we try to work through our differences; always keeping in mind Murshid’s words: “A Sufi has two opinions: his or her own, and that of the other.” This a difficult task. People are so different in their deeply held opinions and perceptions.
And so, I have come back to my particular place in the world. Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, in the United States. And I have come back to the particular mureeds who are attracted to this Message, in this place. Back to our Gatheka classes, our Githa classes, to the Healing Service, to the Singing Zikar, to the Universal Worship. And I can see that it is really here that the Message can deepen, here that the blessing of Realization can be received. In our loving and kind interactions with each other, and all those around us. In the kindness that we can turn toward the isolated and hurt or angry places within us. No doubt, spiritual hierarchy has its important functions. But it is here and now, in the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of our seeking and sharing together, that the Message is alive.


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  1. And we are so thankful and grateful that you return to this particular place in the world. Loving you, Sitara

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