Sufi Message of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Sufi Message of Inayat Khan is the echo of the same Divine message which has always come and always will come to enlighten humanity. This is not a new religion or a new message; it is the same message of Unity, of Brotherhood and Sisterhood which has been given to humanity again and again. The Sufi Message has inspired many people who belong to different religions, but it is not another religion. Rather those who study the Message have learned to understand their own religion better. Their love is in life, as the love for God and humanity, instead of only for a particular religion or nationality.

The principle work that the Sufi Message has to accomplish is to bring about a better understanding between East and West and between the nations and races of this world. Now, over a century after Inayat Khan brought the Sufi Message from India to the West, technology has made communication and travel between East and West much easier. But the human tendency to perceive other people as different and dangerous continues to play out between religions, races, genders, and national identities. The Message seeks to bring about better understanding so that we can have tolerance for those who are different.

The note that the Sufi Message is striking at the present time is the note which sounds the divinity of the human soul – to help human beings recognize the divinity in the human soul. All human beings can realize the divinity of the soul.

If there is any moral principle that the Sufi Message brings, it is that the whole humanity is as one body; and when any organ of that body is hurt or troubled, it can cause suffering to the whole body. And as the health of the whole body depends on the health of each part, so the health of the whole humanity depends upon the health of every nation, race, religion, and gender.

Besides this, to those who are awakening and feel that now is the moment; when they feel inclined to know about the deeper side of life, of truth; to them the Inner School extends a helping hand. This help is available to the sincere soul, without asking what religion, sect, or dogma, they belong to. The knowledge of the Sufi is helpful to every person in living his or her own life rightly. The Message does not call you away from your own belief or church – it calls you to live it more fully. In short, it is a movement intended by God to unite humanity in Brotherhood and Sisterhood, in Wisdom.

Adapted from Hazrat Inayat Khan, Social Gatheka 28, The Sufi’s Aim in Life,  (unpublished)

The teachings of the Sufi Message are found in the Collected Works of Hazrat Inayat Khan. His many lectures and esoteric teachings have been compiled into these volumes, many of which are now out of print. But seven of these volumes can be purchased from Murshida Rani. More information can be found in the Blog on this website.

The Message is expressed in the five Activities: the Inner School, the Universal Worship, the Healing Activity, the Brotherhood/Sisterhood Activity, and Ziraat, meditations on sacred nature.

As a vehicle to ensure the continuity of the Message and to provide opportunity for those wishing deeper realization of its significance, Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan founded an initiatic Inner School. In this esoteric school the student (mureed) is offered a sacred welcome and blessing. The mureed’s path, as well as the Inner School itself, are understood to be part of a sacred stream of blessing that runs through history.