Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Message from Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan

International Headquarters of the Sufi Movement
Visalat day 2015

Beloved Sufi Brothers and Sisters,

Today, we have the privilege of gathering together in homage to the sacred memory of our Master, the Murshid of us all, whose guidance is always there, in as much as we are able to attune to that privilege, with a selfless attitude, offering our hearts unconditionally.

The purpose of this meeting is to offer our gratitude for the blessings received along the years, feeling freedom on the path of Spiritual Liberty, as well as experiencing precious examples among brothers and sisters, inspired by the principles of Love, Harmony and Beauty.

When connecting in thought and feeling, on this special day, the 88th anniversary of the passing of our Master, we are venturing to reach beyond the self, where souls meet, as explained in Volume VII called Sufi Teachings:
“One often wonders what connection there is between the souls which have passed onwards and those left behind. Although there is a veil which divides, yet the connection remains intact at a spiritual level, as long as the link is there”. This mystical insight obviously prompts us to become aware of our responsibilities as workers in the spreading of the Message in our time.

When referring to all those who have answered the Call, and who endeavor to carry onwards the Teachings, our Master said:
“My thoughts I have sown on the soil of your mind; My love has penetrated your heart; My word I have put into your mouth; My light has illuminated your whole being; My work I have given into your hand; I am leaving it in your hands”.

The Message in our time shall spread successfully, when being attuned to our Master, whose words, were given so many years ago, but shall ring for ever in our hearts.
There is only one way of knowing whether we are strictly spreading the Message in our Master’s footsteps. To that effect, let us picture our Master in front of us and ask: “Murshid, am I really presenting the Teachings in the way that they have been entrusted to us”?

The reply to that question shall then be found at the level of our conscience.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan


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  1. Thank you… Thank you for pointing me in a better direction. Long road ahead for me! Thank you Murshida Rani

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