The Value of Respect

The Value of Respect

In May 2019, the Federation of the Sufi Message gathering was held in Charlottesville, Virginia. The theme was focused on one of the five activities of the Sufi Message, the Brotherhood activity. In the United States this activity is now generally called the Brotherhood/Sisterhood or the Kinship activity, using inclusive language. This activity is needed in the world today to bring greater balance and harmony.

I was asked to speak on the quality of respect, which is one of the five qualities that Hazrat Inayat Khan identified as necessary. Others are sympathy or empathy, understanding, tolerance or forgiveness, and unity.

There is an audio recording of the talk here. And I have written the talk into a paper which is entitled “The Value of Respect”. Here you can see the important place that respect has in the development of a personal ideal in one’s life and in the understanding of a Divine Ideal, which is necessary for God realization.

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