Anchor yourself in God

Recently I read about a woman named Antoinette Tuff. She worked at a school in Georgia; and, on August 23, 2013 she stopped a man who walked into the school with an AK-47. She talked him into laying down his gun and surrendering. No one was hurt. She said that her pastor was teaching a practice of anchoring yourself in God, of praying on the inside no matter what was going on outside. Anchoring herself deeply in her humanity, in her soul, she was able to relate to the deeply human part of the man that many would have only seen as an enemy. (Stephanie Paulsell, “Devotion in the Study of Religion” Harvard Divinity School Bulletin, Summer 2014)

How inspiring! A Sufi lives in the world, meeting all the conditions of life. May we realize how to anchor ourselves in God.


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  1. When I read about her and saw her interviewed – I was astonished and moved. She was able to reach that man. I think I’ll look at it again.

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